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$100Mn+ with Intelekt AI

100x more secure and 50x faster than any cloud document automation tool. It learns and adapts to your organization, making it a cost-effective solution for your long-term goals. Simple to setup and easy to use

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Why enterprises choose
Intelekt AI

Meet the ChatGPT of your organization.

Intelekt AI is the ultimate personal assistant. It knows exactly where to find the information you need, and it delivers it to you at lightning-fast speed. With Intelekt AI by your side, you can make critical decisions with confidence and ease.

Tailored to fit the documents you use

Invoice to legal contracts, we got you covered. Zero manual efforts, zero time wasted on solving errors. Improve revenue by increasing efficiency.

AI for humans of data

1. Train on the go, yourself, as you need
2. Driven by metadata, super easy for teams to manage
3. Ingest data from your mails, CRM, DMS and more

Industries we empower

100+ customers across the world, a million more to impact

1. Financial analysis

2. Risk assessment

3. Fraud detection

4. Document management

5. KYC & AML
1. Design and engineering

2. Performance monitoring

3. Automating the process of document review

4. Supply chain management

5. Maintenance and repair
1. Financial statement analysis

2. Risk assessment

3. Automated report generation

4. Automating the process of document review
1. Inventory management

2. Quality control

3. Compliance

4. Predictive maintenance

5. Cost optimization
Make Intelekt AI the most knowledgeable person in
your organization
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